Practical Toolkit for Supporting Wealth

What is Firethorn

The Firethorn plant grows in diverse environments and is very difficult to kill. It doesn't grow like a weed, but instead grows steadily and hardily. It produces berries that many animals rely on season in and season out to live on, especially in winter. How we survive the "winter" is more important than the heights we can reach in the summer.

Designed for generational wealth, the Funds are focused on strategies that can sustain generations.

This is the investment execution arm of our family office offering.

Our Story

Firethorn Funds grew the same way that most of our client's wealth grew. I've followed or built the tools that my clients needed when they needed it.

What We Believe

I have written extensively about the optimal ideas and strategies for high-net worth individuals.

But by way of summary:

The retail investment world is not well suited to the high net-net worth individual. The tools and assumptions used in the planning are based on ideas that simply don't apply to you. Our investment strategy uses endowment or corporate (very long time horizon) thinking to govern how we invest our money. It allocates broadly across four major “asset” classes. I put the term “asset” in quotes because while we use asset class names, the focus should be on the job that group of assets does, not the specific asset.

And that's the job of money - to do a job. Trying to compare all investments against each other is a fool's errand. No one can compare apples to oranges. And attempting to compare a private real estate investment to a robo-ETF fund is impossible because they're different tools that do different things.

There are four major “tools” we use:
  1. Private Equity - This is your high risk, high reward investment. It is what drives or creates wealth.
  2. Public Companies - This is your standard investment - it won't really create wealth, but it will grow it while still being a little more liquid.
  3. Real Estate - This is your other standard investment - it grows similar to Public Companies but has different liquidity and volatility characteristics.
  4. Fixed Income/Cash - This is your “anchor” - it will never create wealth and likely won't even grow wealth - but it will make sure you don't crash when things get bad.
This is where we came up with the idea of the “boat”:

Allocate to Private Equity First, these are the “sails” that drive your boat and create new wealth.

Then balance between Public Companies and Real Estate - these are the “hull” of your boat and both halves need to be balanced so that the sails have something consistent to attach to.

Then add in Fixed Income or Cash as necessary to reduce risk. This is your anchor - it will slow you down, but it provides security from wandering too far into risky waters.

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How We Do It

Firethorn Makers Equity Fund
Currently Live & Raising

This is the execution of our Private Equity. Focused on purchasing operating companies with equipment and cash flow. Targeting 30% annual returns in a combination of current income/profits and exit.

Firethorn Real Estate Development Fund
Planned for Late 2024

A development fund for building core real estate properties. Focused on build up and build out then exits.

Firethorn Primary Equities Fund
Slated for Mid-2025

The central public companies strategy. Combines the best practices of both passive, active, and technical analysis so that all your equity strategies can be co-located in place with a single execution.

Firethorn Durable Income Fund
Slated for Late-2025

Core fixed income fund. Uses passive, active, and technical analysis to create a single execution point for assets that need to act as the “anchor”. Focused on nominal return and high liquidity.

Firethorn Deployable Capital Fund
Slated for 2026

A blend of the Equities and Income fund - short duration fund to hold capital between larger deployments. Will utilize leverage to gain additional returns while still deploying to things like Private Equity and Real Estate.

Firethorn Real Estate Income Fund
Planned for Late 2027

A buy and hold fund focused on multi-family, industrial and commercial holdings. Access larger scale holdings by joining with other investors.